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Muay Thai Training in Phuket, Thailand

Muay Thai training is provided by the various Muay Thai centers in Phuket, Thailand, just like in many other cities and towns in the entire country. The training fees are based on the duration of the training and the type of training imparted to those who are eager to learn Muay Thai and become experts in this traditional art. The average training fee is about 500 baht for day, 900 baht for a full day, 3,000 baht for a week, 9,000 baht for a month, and 24,000 baht for 3 months.
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The Muay Thai training is conducted in group sessions. The training normally includes training in Muay Thai and MMA, technical classes in Muay Thai and general boxing, weight lifting and running programs, and special diet and nutrition courses. Most of the training centers also include morning classes in yoga. The one-to-one private sessions with the instructors are usually conducted for about 60 to 75 minutes. During this personal session, the instructor helps the trainee to properly warm up and develop the particular skills that are personally desired and chosen by him. The private training sessions are likely to cost around 600 baht for a single session, while a discounted rate of 5,500 baht is offered for 10 private sessions.

Another training program offered by Phuket training centers in Muay Thai consist of 2 group and 2 private one-on-one training sessions every day. These sessions cost about 1,800 baht for one week and 6,000 baht for one month. If the students wish to stay and learn this ancient art properly, then the weekly and monthly prices are around 9,000 baht and 34,000 baht respectively. These rates include 2 meals a day, with varied food items to select from. One US$ is equal to around 32 Thailand baht.

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