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Muay Thai Fighting Techniques Upper Body Techniques

The original Muay Thai boxers used head, fists, elbows, feet, and knees, etc. However, in the modern Muay Thai sports in Phuket, Thailand and elsewhere, head butting had been banned. The major fighting techniques in Muay Thai are termed as Mae Mai, while the minor ones are known as Luk Mai. The elbow and the knee are called sok and kao in Muay Thai. They are extensively used in competitions to gain upper hand. The movement of the entire body is also very important to succeed in Muay Thai. The boxer should be able to rotate the hip and focus on the muscles in the abdomen and surrounding areas. The kicks, punches, elbow strikes, and blocks are done by using these muscles effectively.
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The fighting techniques of Muay Thai could be classified as upper body parts use and lower body parts usage. The major upper body parts using techniques are hand punching or chok and elbow strikes or tee sok. The modern Muay Thai punching taught in Phuket and other regions of Thailand include several types of punching, such as jabs, uppercuts, hooks, cross punches, corkscrew punches, straight right punches, overhead punches, shovels, back fists, and hammer fists.

The elbow strikes are also important in Muay Thai competitions. The participants use these strikes to deliver, horizontal, diagonal upwards, diagonal downwards, flying, backward spinning, and upper cuts. The diagonal elbow strikes are effectively used as finishing moves in a competition. The other strikes are helpful in hitting the opponent in various methods. Further, the elbow strike is normally used after a punch to stun the opponent, particularly in close quarters, when throwing hooks might not be easy. Finally, the elbow is effectively utilized in defending the various types of attacks by the opponent, such as punches, knee attacks, and body kicks.

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