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"Chun" is supporting for "Yodsusan" to become the master couple one. @ 2016-09-07

Recently, Chun Kertphet is amazing in the form of Yodsusan S. Choknittaya or the beloved boxer of Kamnanwut Krabee ,who has just showed the fresh form on the 5 rounds. Besides, this boxer has won Lomhuan Sitlomnao for twice times and lately he just won by kneeing up Chatchai Sitphanon also. In addition, Chun is ready to support this boxer to be the good future one as same as the senior ones.

Lately, Yodsusan S. Choknittaya has just showed the impressive form to the Muay Thai fans in order to become the master one in the future not difficultly. Significantly, after he has won Lomhuan Sitlomnao for twice times , he has fought with the strength one or Chatchai Sitphanon Yodsusan until winning him successfully by kneeing up. Similarly, his boxing style is in the same way with Yod Muai San Pharanchai by improving his performance. Therefore, he has the high ratios to become the master one of the boxing circle.

The promoter Chun Kertphet has admired Yodsusan that now he has showed the good form until winning Lomhuan and Chatchai. Then, in the next match the teamwork and he should find the suitable couple one for him to fight further in 125-127 pounds. In addition, now Yodsuan can fight with everyone with good shape , good height , good knee and others. However, he should be diligent to fight in the only way to become the master one to create the good name.

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