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"Prai" has brought Muai Thai to be flourish in the international. @ 2016-05-19

Prai Phanyalak or the head of referees at Rachadamnern boxing stadium has accepted that recently he has been interested from the foreign Muay Thai fans much. Thus, now he would like to setup for the new campaign of grasping the champion of Muai Thai with the foreigners. Thus, the foreigners can have the good chance to grasp the champion at Rachadamnern and have the great times to fight at foreign countries also.

Currently, Prai Panyalak or the head referees at Rachadamnern boxing stadium has said at the committee meeting in Rachadamnern boxing stadium that now this boxing stadium has been interested from the foreigners much. Therefore, it might setup the program to grasp the champion of Muai Thai with the foreigners as well as invite the boxing camps all the world and the head of the boxing camp all the world to be the members of Rachadamnern boxing stasdium first. And then, there might have the ordering of ranking and setup the program to grasp the champion. As the result, this program will begin to be setup on this May by testing and then create the pattern for setting up in the real situation.

However, it should increase the views for the promoter , the boxing stadium and the boxing circle in order to let the new generations and the foreigners to be interested in grasping the champion and protecting the champion for Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Then, it should improve the regulations suitably , such as invite the foreigners from the boxing camps in the foreign countries to be the member. What’s more , there will have the setting up of the program fighting at Rachadamnern boxing stadium between Thai boxers to fight with the foreigner boxers including of weighting up the boxers within 24 hours for the foreigners and learning all things that the foreigners mustn’t do.

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