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"Rit" is humble for fighting on Phunsia boxing round. @ 2016-04-19

Mos or Rittichai Sitsarawatsia or the new star from Nakornrachasrima is satisfied in his work after overcoming his boxers in 2 matches continuously on Phunsia Boxing Round beautifully. Moreover, he would like to pay attention on the game only without hoping to pass into the Final round for being the successful one as his only main objective.

Now, the fighter from Nakornrachasrima or Yamo named Rittichai Sitsarawatsia is one of all good performance boxer of Phunsia Boxing round that always broadcasts on channel 7. Furthermore, now he can be the winners for twice times already ; namely, to knock Khongrit W. Panyawai and win the scores of Saiphon Rattanaphanuma until passing into the Semi Final round as the first one. Lately, he would like to pass into the Final round without worrying.

In this time, Rittichai has his much confidence again although this game might be his first time in his life. Then, he has tried to pay attention to his game at most by facing with anyone and focusing on the strength as the main part. Therefore, he would like to thank for the Muay Thai fans cheering up and sending the encouragement to him. However, he hasn’t focused as being the champion much.

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