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"Thanonchai" might have his queue to fight in China by opening the new market @ 2016-02-19

Nong O or Priyakorn Rattanasuban is preparing to bring Thanonchai Thanakornyimkointer for fighting at China for the first time in this March. Then, she might push up this boxer to create the good name and increase the incomes to fight at foreign countries. And, it is accepted that now all boxers should fight in foreign countries by thinking and doing in the new ways.

Now, everyone is waiting for the answer that Nong O or Priyakorn Rattanasuban or the daughter of the promoter Thongchai Rattanasuban might accept for being the promoter at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Besides, Nong O has revealed that now it has opened for Muai Thai market in foreign countries after she has spread out this project by bringing all of the Thai male boxers and Thai female boxers to fight in many countries in the world , especially in China.

Moreover, in this March there will be Chinese boxers to fight in Thailand also by bringing Thanonchai Thanakornyim or the well-known one to fight on this match. Then, it might be his fighting at foreign country as well as the others to be supported to fight in foreign countries by thinking and doing the new ways. As the result, Thanonchai might fight on this March with not much incomes to open the new market , and if it has the good name , good performance and been favored by the foreigners , the incomes might be increased. And, Thanonchai might fight with Seksan at Samui Island on this 24th January 2016 too.

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