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"Nayok" has thanked for supporting "Rungrawee" to have his good future. @ 2015-12-11

Nayok A Thasala and Sorchor Uaipornsri Chaowalit have thanked for the Muay Thai fans to give the encouragement to Rungrawee Nayok A Thasala until he becomes to be the winner of the old proponent ; namely, Phetsamrong Sitphuyainiran with success . Besides, in the next match the head of affiliation can make the list for him to fight with whom in 133 pounds in order to let this boxer to fight continuously.

Nayok A and Sorchor Uaipornsri said that after Rungrawee Nayok A Thasala has won the scores of Phetsamrong Sitphuyainirand on Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday at Morchit Chedsee ; lately Nayok A and Sorchor Auipornsri Thasala has thanked for the Muay Thai fans of the South after all of the experts should send the encouragement to him until overcoming the old proponent successful with good body condition and mind step by step. Then, for the next match the head of affliation might make the list of him to fight with whom in 133 pounds for becoming the master one too. Lastly, in the earlier it should thank for the head of affiliation to make the list of this boxer until being the champion. Thus, Siansu Thangduan and his team might support this boxer to fight in the next match continuously to become to be the master one since now he has the better body condition and mind.

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