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"Phetsamrong" has fought excellently for being supported to be the well-known one. @ 2015-05-15

Deer Kertphet or the handsome and professional promoter is satisfied in the form of Phetsamrong Sitphuyainiran after he has showed the excellent form to win Chatchai Sitphanon with funniness and impression. After that, he has been favored to the North East Muay Thai fans much and then he has altered his name to Tongsak Sitchatoi in order to fight for showing the beautiful form in the next match continuously.

Now, it has another good form boxer in Suek Muai Thai ChedSee that is Phetsamrong Sitphuyainiran or Tongsak Sitchatoi after he has come back to fight beautifully. Moreover, now he has his new name after winning Chatchai Sitphanon severely until gaining the severe boxer of the week to make impression for the Muay Thai fans throughout the country.

Deer revealed that now Phetsamrong or Tongsak has showed his beautiful form to favor of the young professional promoter or Deer Kertphet much. Besides, after he has showed the good form , Deer has revealed that Phetsamrong might have his better name with his good form although he has disappeared from Bangkok for several months. However, now he has come back to fight to favor of all people in 124-125 pounds as well as other excellent ones , such as the good knees or Rungphet Kertchareonchai , Yuttakarn T. Thepsuthin , Arwutlek Kertchareonchai , Fonluang Sitbunmee and Phetmorakot Teedet 99. Then, these boxers can fight with everyone with the suitable weight only.

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