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"Pornsawan and Lakhai" have cleared for all problems. @ 2015-05-05

Pramook Rojchanathan has revealed that it is the fact to contact with Pornsawan P. Pramook after returning to fight in the old style boxing by setting up this program at Dam opening in Chachoengsao as the big program. Besides, Pramook might fight with Lakhai with the price of 100000 baht and 30000 baht with agreement , except for not determining for the date to fight only. However, in another way it may be altered to fight at Lumphinee boxing stadium instead.

The reporters have asked for the reporters of Muai Siam that it has the news that Pornsawan P. Pramook or the former of world champion just train himself again to fight in the old boxing style with Lakhai S. Phanachiaphet or N. Thanakorn. Then, now Pramook Rojchanatan has contacted him with his price of 100,000 baht , and lately the head of Orbortor Pramook has said to the reporters of Muai Siam that it is the true that he has contacted for Pornsawan to come back for fighting again with his good name that the Muay Thai fans are favoring of his boxing style. On the other hand, when fighting with Lakhai it seemed to be the interesting couple boxer with the full agreement to setup in Chachoengsao at Opening of that Dam. In addition, this program may be setup at Lumphinee boxing stadium , but it is depending on the interest of the Muay Thai fans by taking to consider again.

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