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"Niti" is satisfied for the form of his beloved boxer ;namely, Khwanfah or Yodonedee. @ 2015-04-15

After Praikaiphet Nitisamui can win the score of Chakdaew Thepsaserm successfully in Suek Muai Thai Ched See at Morchit boxing camp , Yodonedee Nitisamui or Yokphet Phetkaserm can knock Khunphon Aekbangtrai on the third round in Suek Rachadamnern Super Fight on PPTV at Rachadamnern boxing camp on last Sunday. Lately, the big boss of the new South boxing camp or Niti Samui has admired for the work of Kwanfah and Yodonedee , who have showed the beautiful form for his new boxing camp nicely with the good body condition and mind with over expectation. Thus, on the next match he can fight with anyone with the promoter to consider for becoming the well-known one absolutely.

Then, for this boxer he has their good performance under the management of the teamwork for having the good future. Thus, he can fight in any boxing stadium with equal weight , so it should thank for the teamwork and the supporters to push up him for having these day.

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