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"Sittichai" is awesome to fight in France. @ 2015-01-04

Sia Tim or Timathee Thammacheewa or the big boss of Sit Song Pheenong is really glad of the boxing form for Sittichai Sitsongpheenong , who has never made the disappointment to him. Lately, he has fought for the international match and can win Delan Salwador or the leading French boxer in France or his local country. Then, on this 4th January 2015 he might start the new year to fight for Foreman boxing program at Nanjing in China further.

Now, the Muay Thai fans has accepted for the good form of Sit Song Pheenong boxing camp of Sia Tim or Timathee Thammacheewa in terms of making the strong ones with high quality , especially for Sittichai Sitsongpheenong , who always creates the good name to this boxing camp. In addition, now he can fight in the international program without losing to anyone with his proud as well as winning the score of Delan Salwador or the French boxer in his country although it has only three rounds without using Thai regulation. Next, he might fight to gain Yuan money at Nanjing in China with the nice prize for the winning one.

Sittichai said that he is really proud of himself to create the good work all the times without losing to anyone and then after coming back from French , he has practiced continuously. Then, later he might fight for Foreman boxing round at China to grasp the champion from Chinese boxer and two western boxers.

For this Foreman boxing round, there will be the teamwork of Khunlun fight , and for the first match Sittichai might face with Mortane Kronenheart from Holland. Thus, if he is the winner , he can enter into the final round to grasp the champion from Andy Saower from Holland or Chao Fukai or the Chinese one or the local boxer.

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