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"Pongsaklek" will fight for the international matches. @ 2014-12-05

Master Kob or Thakoon Phongsupha is really glad for the form of the beloved boxer or the big size excellent boxer or Pongsaklek Sasiphraphayim , who just showed the beautiful form in Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee Kirkkrai broadcasted on channel until the Muay Thai fans admire him. Lately , he has been contacted from Sia Num or Narit Wongprasertkarn or the owner of Top King World Series to train him for fighting in the international boxing stadiums further.

Master Kob revealed that after has been the new promoter not so a long time in Sasiphraphayim , Phongsak Sasiphraphayim or the big size boxer has used his strength to win the score of Chanasuek Luakkantra or the old boxer until the Muay Thai fans admire him of his strength and good strategy to fight with his gold of heart for predicting the good future. Lately, Master Kob has revealed about the future of Phongsaklek that now he has signed the contact with Top King World Series to fight for International boxing stadiums already. In the earlier , the owner of Top King World Series would like to find the big size of well-known boxer for fighting in his program , so Kob suggested Phongsaklek after viewing his good performance on last Saturday to be the winner , then now he can fight for international matches.

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