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"Kwanphet" might be the champion of CP. @ 2014-10-25

Bangmad Luaksuan or the big boss of Luaksuan admitted that his beloved boxer or Kwanphet S. Suwanphakdee will face with the hard task. Besides, he will face with Aekmongkol of 5 stars of Daew Yim in the final round of Millionnaire CP Maji. However, in this time there is no subject to be serious because in the final round , everything can happen , but if Khwanphet can solve the problem while Aekmongkok has locked his neck , he might have chance to be the winner.

After Khwanphet S. Suwanphakdee has showed the excellent form , he can overcome Onechana A. Bunchuai with impression to the Vice president to gain 70000 baht in terms of grasping champion from Aekmongkok of 5 stars Chicken Daewyim , who just won Saksit Luakchaomaitraithong in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on last Sunday of 2nd November 2014 at International Rangsit boxing stadium.

Bangmad Luaksuan said that after Bangmad Luaksuan or the head of Khanphet S. Suwanphakdee boxing camp revealed about this case , it should accept that Kwanphet has face with the hard task much until facing with Aekmongkol in the next match. However, it shouldn’t be afraid of this couple boxer after he has won Onechana before. Thus, he still has his confidence to be the winner , so if Khwanphet can solve the problem of being locked his neck , he might become the winner definitely. In addition, he has his good fist to fight outside with hard chin , so he might be able to knock his couple boxer also. Then, The Muay Thai fans should send encouragement to him.

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