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"Incidents" jump shot in the 1980s before Qing 112 @ 2014-08-27

Golden tee begging the agency sarawut Forest Red Cliff through free student boy in the list portraying City appointment date D. 11 August 2014 wig air help signs up to Championship Edition 112 pounds a Thai boxing fans get ready early, but in this round can cheer loudly.

Golden tee the camp Forest Red Cliff said to reporters after boxing Siam somjit eyewear and team led by sarawut label found free in the list portraying Nonthaburi The 11 August 2014 this wig air that, if possible, to label their forest cliff incidents as labels in the championship. The 112 pounds if incidents through a tie in the 11 August 2014. This at the same time, the camp Forest Red Cliff admitted that the very dangerous to boxing fans calm but that end Henry. "Past incidents as the leg kick boxing punch was, but don't underestimate the 2 lift. Boxing fans over. But if through 2 lifted end Henry. "Tee Suwan said.

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