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"Tukkatathong may gain scores 3-2 to Thuakaew". @ 2014-07-08

Kingthong Luakphrabat or the promoter in Suek One King Thong and the head boxing camp of Thukaew Kertkamphon might allow Thukaew to fight with Tukkatathong S. Kerttiwan as the supporter of Suek One King Thong broadcasted on this Monday of 23rd June 2014 at Kaji. Moreover, our boxing circle viewed that Thukaew might not overcome Tukkatathong ; however, Kingthong viewed in the opposite way that Thuakaew might defeat Thukkatathong in 3-2.

Kingthong said that Tukkatathong S. Kertniwat and Thuakaew Kertkamphon might fight with each other at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium as the supporter couple boxer in Suek One King Thong on this Monday of 23rd June 2014 with gaining 250000 baht. Then, he believes that Tukkatathong might overcome Thuakaew in 3-2 for sure ; however, he confirms that he isn’t insane to let Thuakaew to fight with Takkatathong with gaining a large amounts of money. Moreover, whoever is brave should bargain his additional budgets.

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