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This is the trick to be the winner of Muay Thai channel 9. @ 2014-04-29

Teacher Surat Siangloi confirmed about the work of the channel 9 committees in Suek Atsawindam that is emphasizing on regulation and diligence of the boxer. For example, in the latest match Rungkit Mobasekamala just lost the score to Phetdam Phetsemuen due to his lack of talent and diligence. Moreover, it isn’t depending on the negotiation price to be the rule of the game in channel 9 of Suek Atsawindam only.

For Suek Atsawindam under the management of the commander Ph.D Sawake Phinsinchai , it should admit for the fair judge of the committees after teacher Surat Siangloi has been the president which emphasizes on regulation and fairness as well as diligence of the boxer. Then, on the last Sunday there was the million baht car prize boxing program between Rungkit Mobasekamala and Phetdam Phetsemeun. In the early round , Phetdam has showed his strategy and is diligent to fight with scores 3-1. Similarly, Phetdam has showed his diligence to fight continuously until the end of the game with scores 12-1 , so it is in the correct way. However, the committees here don’t judge with the negotiation price , but they judge with the regulation of Thai boxing and fairness. Moreover, he said as behalf of the fair one to have capacity to watch the game.

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