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"Phokaew" has practiced himself hardly. @ 2014-02-08

Now, Phokaew Phonchangchonburi is ready to reform his name again because in the past , he used to face with the big size boxer. However, In the next match he might face with Chomphichit Chuwattana , so it might be alright if he use his good experience to defeat the fresh one successfully. Then, they might fight together in Suek Phumphanmung in the big match on this 28th January 2014.

The big boss Thad revealed that “On Suek Phumphanmung of this 28th January 2014 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand, there will be the master couple boxer or Chomphichit Chutwattana muay thai camp facing with Phokaew Phonchangchonburi as Camp well as the second couple boxer or Wisanlek Ceetrandiscovery to face with S. Plernchit and the supporter couple boxer or Kengkat P. Pekko muay thai training camp facing with Prakaiphet J.S.P. following by Kumarnthong Chitmuengnon facing with Peankon Leknakornsri , Rittichai K. Sakulchia facing with Muengsee Phumphanmueng , Panomrunglek Sitbaikhan muay thai camp facing with Daewpayaksakphaiphaya and Nantawat Ch. Rungroj facing with Chamuakphet Luakphrabat Camp with the ticket price of 270 baht per 1 person. It is no t expensive because they are good muay thai camps from Thailand .

Then, For the preparedness of Sian Kaew or Phokaew Phonchangchonburi the big boss That revealed that "Now, Phokaew has practiced himself well to reform his name again after always facing with the big size boxers. However, In this time he might face with Chomphichit Chuwattana Camp , so it will be alright if he practices well to use his experience to fight with the fresh one. Thus, it should cheer up for anyone to be the winner of this match."

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