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"Pornsanae" is glad to return his good form. @ 2013-11-22

"God of Death with charming sound" or Pornsanae Sitmonchai accepted that he had been desperate and would like to quit from fighting for Thai boxing program. However, he got the good encouragement from his senior and his surrounded people to have force to fight until having his excellent form to fight again. Besides, For the next fight , Sia Nao will consider about this subject thoroughly.

After Pornsanae Sitmonchai becomes to be the hot one or being the excellent boxer from Kanchanaburi province of Muai Siam Keela Award , Lately he just won Khwankhao of Rattanabundit university as well as Saksuriya of 5 stars chicken , Rungrawee Sasiphraphayim and Tingthong Ch. Khaoyuha with his excitement.

Later, he revealed to the reporters with his smiling that "Now, I am glad much that I can create the good form after I would like to quit from all boxing programs because of my losing in several times. However, I have the good encouragement from my senior or the commander Monchai Sriphrasert including of my families to have forces to fight with my excellent form."

Pornsanae said with good mood that "Now, my mood and body condition is better until I can create the hot form again. Then, For the next fight , Sia Nao will consider about this subject for me to fight with 127-128 pounds. However, I can fight in the final round of 126 pounds even though now I am 33 years old. Thus, Prior to quit from fighting , I would like to have chance to grasp the champion again."

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