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"Harn and Raktemroi" might fight with liveliness. @ 2013-11-15

For Suek Muai Thai ChedSee in Thailand broadcasted on this Sunday 17th November 2013 , the promoter Chun Kertphet has made the list of great boxers beginning with Rungphet W. Rungniran muay thai camp facing with Yuttakarn T. Thepsuthin muay thai training camp followed by the second couple boxer of Suek Chitmueng or Non Harn S. Hakrin facing with Rakthemroi Wisutchareanyon in 107 pounds. Besides, for these couple boxers, the teamwork of Singkaserm Banponlamuengdee is assured to fight with amusement absolutely and for this Sunday , the muay thai fans shouldn't be disappointed for watching these couple boxers surely.

Therefore, there will be the interesting couple boxer from Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium or Harn S. Sakrin camp facing with Raktemroi Wisutchareanyon training camp as the amusing couple boxer to fight with each other because they always fight with funniness and be favored to the muay thai fans of channel 7. Then, it is confident that the game might be interesting and the muay thai fans who are unable to watch for this couple boxer in the boxing stadium should watch for this couple boxer through channel 7 to be fond of for sure.

In addition, there will be other master couple boxers ; namely , Rungphet W. Rungniran facing with Yuttakarn T. Thepsuthin , Sornchai S. Yingchareankarnchang muay thai camp facing with Phetnarong Sparkphabudon and Tarnphet Sitphandang muay thai training camp facing with Ronnachai Santiubon.

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