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"Olaylek Phetsemuen muay thai training camp , Phuket " might take after "Yokwittaya". @ 2013-08-30

Olaylek Phetsemuen or the new star of Wittaya Phetsemuen advised the Thai boxing fans to catch their eyes on him in order to be the famous star or the 100,000 baht boxers as Yokwittaya Phetsemuen from Phuket .

Now, Wittaya Phetsemuen always has his new famous stars to make his muay thai camp and Tungsong civics to be well-known in Phuket province ; moreover, on last Tuesday ,Olaylek Phetsemuen just overcome the score of Phetbunsong A. Bunchuai in Suek Phetphiya to gain 100,000 baht. Then, Wittaya has informed the editors to write the news and let the Thai boxing fans from  for catching the eyes on Olaylek in order to become the new star of the boxing camp for sure. Wittaya said with confidence that "I would like everyone to catch their eyes on Olaylek Phetsemean or the new star following the route of Yokwittaya , Ploywittaya , Chalarmkhao and Morakot , especially for Yokwittaya after he had overcome Phetbunsong to gain 100,000 baht in the last match.

The great might fight with the good on ChedSee.

Rungphet Phetcharean muay thai camp or the Champion of 13rd Phusia boxing round isn't afraid of no couple boxer to fight after the commander Thirdsak Nontaphanphiphat might send Kongkert T. Pran 49 or the champion of 11st Phusia to fight with him because of the suitability of shape to fight with funniness.

Moreover, Rungphet Phetcharean muay thai camp or the new star from Phetchabun or the champion of 13rd Phunsia is now taking a rest after celebrating of his champion. Then, at this moment , he still has no queue to fight , but for the latest news , he might have the good chance to fight with the Champion of 11st Phunsia boxing round with Kongkert T. Pran 49 by the supporting of the commander Thirdsak Nontaphanphiphat or the head of boxing camp who told the reporters of Muai Siam that he might send Kongkert to prove his performance with Rungphet with the suitability of their shapes.

Besides, Thirdsak or the head of the boxing camp said that "Now, Rungphet might have his next couple boxer or the Championof Phunsia boxing round suitably with his dignity for sure with the good performance of Rungphet and the good knees of Kongkert to fight in 118 pounds which might be the amusing one."

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