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"Sia Kim SitSortorTaew Camp and Ponkit" will join in Suek Muay Thai Lumphinee in Thailand @ 2013-08-16

Chun Kertphet has given the bonus to Sia Kim SitSortorTaew and Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon muay thai training camp after they had defeated their couple boxers nicely and then , now they might have his good opportunity to join in Suek Lumphinee Muay Thai Champion Kirkkrai to fight on this 6th September 2013 already.

Moreover, although there were some of master couple boxers in Suek Kertphet to show their great forms at Rachadamnern boxing stadium for SuekOneThongChai on last 5th August 2013 , there was Phenaek Sitnumnoi who lost the game due to his small size of body , except for his funny style boxing as well as Muengthai S. Bunyiam to lost the game for Tanonchai T. Sangthiannoi as well.

On the contrary, Chun revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that there were still two boxers from the East of Thailand ; namely, Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon who had defeated Intreekhao Rachanon and could knock him for the first round and Sia Kim SitsortorTaew muay thai campwho elbowed and overcome TKO Chofa T. Sangtiannoi muay thai training camp to gain 120,000 baht and make Kertphet's boxing camp to be well-known also.

Then, Chun Kertphet will bring these two well-known boxers , such as Ponkit and Siakim to fight in Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this Friday of 6th September 2013 at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium ; On the other hand, whom will fight with them should consult the teamwork again. Besides, there might be the setup of SuekOneThongChai again soon as well ; moreover, if the muay thai fans of Suek Kertphet would like to watch for Sia Kim and Ponkit to fight with whom , they can give the opinion on radio 657 through the program of Khlae Coding broadcasted every day."

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