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"Bu" devotes himself with working with many muay thai camps in Thailand; hopes everything will be fine. @ 2013-07-26

SiaBu Muengphet confirmed that he isn't worried about Suek Phetsuphaphan that will setup on this 22nd August 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand because all of the boxers come from the big mauy thai camps and are credible from the muay thai fans. However every muay thai camps have good muay thai training . Thus, it shouldn't be worry , except for the accident only. Besides, I have done everything perfectly , so it is up to the muay thai fans who should support this thai boxing program much.

SiaBu said with confidence that "I have cleared all problem no matter of the muay thai camps of every boxers including of all boxers in Suek Phetsuphaphan ; namely, weights and how to fight because I have to work with suitability. Besides, Sia Nao , Suwit muay thai and Sia Sommai have participated with this work fully and help me for tackle all problems in the good way. Thus, it shouldn't be worry because all boxers come from the big thai boxing training camps who take care of them well , except for the accident only."

"Yinglak" will give the honor prize to channel 9 of Thailand.

"Nong M" or Sathida Phinsinchai is so glad that he will be beholder by the prime minster Yinglak Chinnawat who will give the honor prize to Suek Attasawindam for Queen match on this 24th July in 2013 on channel 9 with his new task to be the promoter in his first time.

Nong M revealed that "For the Queen match that will broadcast on this 14th July in 2013 on channel 9 , I will have the new role to be the new promoter for Suek Atsawindam for the first time that will have several couple boxers ; namely , Phetcheecha A. Meekhun facing with Pornprot Orbortor Nangrong , Phengsiam P.U. Phabai facing with Nongmuai M. Phiangthong muay thai training camp , Thicha of KeelaKorat School facing with Onanong Phetphaiboon muay thai camp , Nongthrai L. Hengcharean Camp facing with Phetthae A. Onechird muay thai training camp and Khokhothab W. Santhai facing with Nong Oai Phetladda thai boxing gym .

Then, Nong M said additionally that " At this moment , the office of prime minister has given the answer already that the first lady prime minister of Thailand or Yinglak Chinnawat will give the honor prize to the winner boxers of this game because this program is for honor the Queen and all Thai mothers. Then, I am so glad because it will be my first task."

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