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Thongchai can't setup any thai boxing program in Thailand , the muay thai fans and camps ask him to clear the problem. @ 2013-07-12

BigSong or Thongchai Rattanasuban still shuts in himself in Samsane resident which no one knows that he will clear the problem with Prai Phanyalak at Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium on which day. However, it passed for 18 days and he didn't clear this big problem. On the other hand, Prai Panyalak or the committee of Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium still avoid for problem by going to Chiangmai that no one knows about this story since the morning of 21st June in 2013. On the contrary, BigSong had cleared the problem about the program for his muay thai boxers from many muay thai camps to fight by setup the big match for them on this 14th July in 2013 , except to know about the place to setup this program , such as Rachadamnern or Lumphinee muay thai stadium .

Moreover, for the progress news of BigSong or Thongchai Rattanasuban that was removed from work for 3 months after having problem with Prai Panyalak or the committee of Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium without clearing this problem since last 3rd June in 2013. Now, it cause the problem for SuekOneThongChai that can't set up any problem on 3 months until clearing this problem first. However, this problem is still be the big news for muay thai training camps that is in the interests of the muay thai fans continuously.

Thongchai still shuts in himself in his resident.

The reporters of Muai Siam had been revealed from the assistant teamwork of SuekOneThongChai that on last morning of 21st June in 2013 that "BigSong or Thongchai Rattanasuban still came to work at OneThongChai office with the teamwork on the morning with his stressful faced due to his worrying about his boxers who won't have any program to fight."

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