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The second thai boxing match of Weber muay thai tournament in Thailand will be more amusing from many muay thai camps. @ 2013-06-11

For Muai of the 3rd Giant Weber thai boxing tournament in Suek Chao Muai Thai on Saturday at Muai Siam Om Noi muay thai stadium in Thailand , especially for the thai boxing tournament in version 138 , the referees of the muay thai stadium or Sia Mee or Theerayut Hophrasertkit had assigned works for Singkaserm Banponlamuengdee to be responsible of his works with many muay thai camps . Besides, in the last match each couple boxer had fought with funniness and be favored to the muay thai fans in the muay thai stadium much and the second match will begin on this Saturday of 15th June in 2013.

Moreover, for the 3rd Giant Weber thai boxing tournament in Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcasted on channel 3 in Thailand , it is still amused and be impressed by the muay thai fans and now the first match was ended in both line A and line B. Furthermore, for the couple boxer of Sansathan S. Suradate muay thai camp who faced with Manasak Sitniwat muay thai training camp , finally, Sansathan had overcome Manasak to keep the first two points successfully and in the next fight , he will face with Chamuakphet Phetkaserm thai boxing training camp to keep the last two points in this next match.

Besides, after all of the couple boxers in both line A and line B had fought with each other already , it will begin to fight as the second match to keep more points on this Saturday of 15th June in 2013 by facing between the winners. Moreover, the winner between Phetmongkol T. Thepsuthin muay thai training camp and Saksongkhram Phobtheeratham thai boxing camp will pass into the next round as well as on this Saturday of 22nd June in 2013 that will be the queue of Thunthong Phumphanmueng to fight with Tanachai Ch. Pradit which the loser of this match will fail of the game. Then, the managers of this game or Singkaserm is assured that in the second match , the couple boxers might fight with funnier and more exciting than the first match certainly.”

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