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"Phetthongdee " is well-prepared in Thailand to fight again with Sakkayapab Sitsongpheenong muay thai training camp . @ 2013-06-06

Huasing or T. Phatak Cinby Muai Thai doesn't have any problem if anyone still wonder about the last match , he will send Phetthongdee Cinby Muay Thai to fight with Sakkayapab Sitsongpheenong muay thai training camp again after Phetthongdee had overcome him in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on channel 11 broadcasted on last Saturday. However, Phetthongdee will fight with Sakkayapab with at least 128 pounds only.

Besides, Huasing or the new generation head of the boxing camp had called from Phuket to the editor of Muai Siam by himself to inform about the news on last Saturday that “For the last match , Phetthongdee Cinby Muai Thai or his boxer in the muay thai camp had fought on channel 11 at Imperial Ladprao in Thailand and could overcome Sakkayapab Sit songpheenong with funniness ; on the other hand, it had to cheer up for him until the last minutes. However, now Sakayapab wasn’t satisfied about this result , and then , he would like to get revenge of Phetthongdee again and Phetthongdee is pleased to fight with him again also.

Huasing gave the news that "After we saw the wonder of Sakayapab , we are ready to let him to prove his performance again. However, the weight shouldn't below than 128 pounds because Phetthongdee can't fight below than this weight and we are ready to support for them to fight with each other again to create the new color of the muay thai circle. Moreover, both of them always fight with funniness with similarity of strategies. Thus, if Sakkayapab still wonder about the result , we are ready to let Phetthongdee to fight with him again."

"Superbank" isn't scared for his couple boxer.

Superbank of Rattanabandit university agreed to train himself well after he had ordered from the boss to practice much more. Then, Chanan or Ubonrachathani civic is assured that Superbank might overcome Singthongnoi P. Telakul muay thai camp for sure because of his better body condition.

Besides, there will be the progress of the big fight for Suek OneThongChai broadcasted on this 3rd June in 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium after the reporters of Muai Siam had been revealed from Chanan or Ubonrachathani civic or the father of Superbank of Rattanabandit university that now Superbank or the Champions of several fights will face with Singthongnoi P. Telakul for sure in the next match. Then, now Superbank or the private solider had been allowed to leave from work for train himself in order to fight in this match with Singthongnoi fully.

Chanan revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam at last that "Superbank is the good boxer who perform himself with good role of boxer , especially for respecting the senior boxers. Thus, for this fight , he has prepared himself well after he had been allowed to leave from works. However, in the prior matches , he always be the winner , so for this match , it will be no problem for him because now his body condition is better than Singthongnoi much. Furthermore, Superbank has never lost to the knee boxer , so I believe in the performance of Superbank much."

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