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"Phettae from Phuket will face with Phetchatchai Chaoraioi muay thai camp" in the big match in Thailand . @ 2013-05-12

For the million baht 5 stars chicken boxing round , it has got one couple boxer in semifinal round already ; namely , Phettae Phetyindeeacademy from Phuket in line B to face with Phetchatchai Chaoraioi muay thai camp from or the second one in line A. Moreover, there is another couple boxer , namely , Khomkert T. Manothammaraksa muay thai training camp or the first one in line A who is waiting to face the second one in line B. Then, it should wait for the results of boxing on this Saturday of 4th May in 2013 or the couple boxer between Nattapon who will face with Penneung. After that, if Nattapon is the winner , he will face with Khomkert of course. On the other hand, if Penneung is the winner , he might have his equal scores with other three boxers to draws a lot.

In addition, for the situation of million baht 5 stars chicken muay thai tournament in Thailand , there will be 4 boxers from 4 muay thai camps to fight in the prior of final round. Besides, in line A , there will be the first rank or Khomkert T. Manothammaraksa and the second rank or PhetchatchaiChaoraioi to pass into the prior of final round already.and for line B , there will be PhettaePhetyindeeacademy who just overcome other boxers in 3 fights continuously to face with PhetchatchaiChaoraioi in the next match. However, for Khomkert , he should watch for the result of fight between NattaponNachiakwittayakhom and Phenneung TorPran 49 Camp to fight as the last match also. On the contrary, now Nattapon had fought in 2 matches and being the winner in 1 match and being the loser in 1 match with 2 scores. As for Phenneung , he had fought instead of Kongesarn who had lost in the first match and then be injured until being withdrawn , but Phennueng had lost to his couple boxer also. Then, if Nattapon can be the winner in the next match , he will face with Khomkert of course. However, if Phenneung is thewinner , there will be three boxers who have their equal scores ; namely , Nattapon , Ninsiam and Phennueng and then they have to draws a lot to face with Khomkert in the next match.

It is the hard work for Phetyindeeacademy muay thai camp . Because Phetchatchai always show the good muay thai when he fight . So the trainers must control the training of Phettae .
Many Thai boxers in Thailand or Phuket are name Phettae . However Phettae Phetyindeeacademy is the best one because he is from the good muay thai camp . However next fight is difficult for him , because Phetchatcha may be better than him in this time .
Chaoraioi muay thai camp is the good camp from north of Thailand . Then it is the last camp from North for this muay thai tournament . But Phetchatchai don't worry any thing , he want to hard train in his camp .

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