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"Tasinlek" has much energy to fight. @ 2013-04-26

Besides, there will be another program to fight with the expert one or Yodmongkol Muengseema on this Monday of 29th April in 2013 at Rachdamnern muay thai stadium. Besides, this fight is the important one for "Taksinlek Sitphrakaifa" or one new star and if he can show his new form and overcome Yodmongkol on this 29th April in 2013 , he might pass the test. On the other hand, Yodmongkul is the dangerous one that most of the junior boxers can't pass him easily.

Furthermore, now Taksinlek has the hot form not worse than the good talent and strength of "Yodmongkol" or the beloved disciple of "Chamnong Muengseema muay thai training camp" or the good talent and the strength man. Besides, Taksinlek could overcome the good boxers for several ones. Thus, Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban will setup the new program broadcasted on this 29th April in 2013 as the master couple boxer in Suek One Thong Chai in 117 – 119 pounds. Therefore, Yodmongkul might bargain 2 pounds for his couple boxer.

Taksinlek revealed that after I know that I might fight with whom , I have begun to practice suddenly. Moreover, now I have the good form and have the good attention to practice much more with my strength. Then, on this 29th April in 2013 , I believe in my fresh form and strength to overcome the senior boxer of course. Then, I would like the muay thai fans to follow my program and I will do my best to create the good statistic continuously. What's more, on this 29th April in 2013 , I believe in myself to give a large amounts of money without losing for sure."

"Newluakrak" can fight with anyone.

Now, the boxer from the land of big elephants or "Newluakrak Excindycongym" or the natural and hard fist one or the champion in several programs had back to show his beautiful form in the last 2 fight after been lost to "Satanmeunglek Windysport muay thai training camp in the early of this year in Thailand .

Besides, after he had lost by Satanmeunglek from kicked and knocked , Newluakrak still had the new chance to fight with "Paeteng Kertpontip" prior to be the champion in the third round after been kneed and chinned. After that, he had the new chance to fight again as the second couple boxer in Suek Phetphiya with Yodkhunseuk S. Suchart muay thai training camp and he had overcome Yodkhunseuk with several points also.

Thus, according to these results it showed that Newluakrak has his dangerous strategy which everyone shouldn't be careless. Then, for the next fight, it should cheer up that the promoter of Phetlumphinee group might make the list of him to face with whom. However, he has a lot of interesting ones to face , but anyone might fight with him funnily for sure because he has the hard fist to let the muay thai fans to cheer up through 5 rounds.

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