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Giving a large amounts of money to every boxers in "Suek OneMitChai". @ 2013-04-15

MitNakorn or the new young blood promoter is confident that all of the couple boxers in Suek OneMitChai during Songkran day broadcasted on this 11st April in 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium might gain a large amounts of money of course because they always gain money in every programs.

On Suek OneMitChai broadcasted on Songkran day of 11st April in 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium , there will be the master couple boxer of Bangphleenoi 96 pheenung who will face with Fahseethong Ph. Thanaphan , SakkayaphabSitsongpheenong who will face with ChailekSitpornsawan or Anakchai S. Rittichai muay thai camp , KhunhaiSitthongsak who will face with Phayatoe M. Butrat , shopper K. Taphaothong who will face with SakaethongresortPhetsompong S. Chalermsak , Deawrungatsawindam who will face with Thongchai S. Samrian muay thai training camp , PhetnamchaiSuanaharnpheekmai who will face with NinsiamSakhoamsin and MaharatlekSitchareanthrab who will face with Phet T. Pongsila. So they are good muay thai camps of Thailand .

"MitNakorn" or SumateSiesatbongkot or the new young blood promoter in Suek OneMitChai at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium said that "although the couple boxers who are in the list aren't the well-known ones , they are the funny ones and have been refined well. Then, everyone should be confident that they might fight with funniness in order to gain a large amounts of money as same as other programs to be set up for sure."

Send "Design" to fight through channel 7.

The commander Wichai Rachanon had made the decision to send Design Rachanon muay thai camp or the good knee boxers to fight in channel 7 with everyone. Moreover, he believes in his good kneeing that had made the impression to every muay thai fans before.

Now , Design Rachanon is one of all new stars of Rachanon muay thai camp. Besides, he has good knee and always fight with funniness no matter of the winner or the loser in the games. However, recently Design Rachanon muay thai camp had quitted from fight with Phonphad Chuwattana or his couple boxer at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium , but the commander Wichai Rachanon might send Design to fight in channel 7 by the supporting of Sia Chun Kertphet. In addition, the commander Wichai believes that Design might not create the disappointment to everyone and he might fight with funniness until had been favored to the muay thai fans for sure. The commander Wichai said that "Sia Chun can make the list for Design to face with anyone and Design should create the good name for the muay thai camp for sure. Moreover, he is the diligent one to open the game all the time , so every muay thai fans might would like to watch for him."

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