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"Jarensab-Dounpae" has a retro fight to get money 2 Million Baht @ 2013-03-15

Mit Nakorn said each muay thai boxer is assured and have a good supporter so they increase a bet of Jarensab-Dounpae fight 2 million baht for heir need already.

Mit Nakron, a promoter of Wan MitChai War at RadChaDamNeon on 6 March in Wig Air said after he take a boxer, W Jarensab (Kiatbanchong) Sakgreerin muay thai training camp to fight with Dounpae, Nuengubon (Chailed) Santiubon, a champion muay thai and a well-known boxer many years ago. They will fight again in Wan MitChai War at 6 March in Wig Air after they have a doubtful fight in the last match because Dounpae loss in the last round during he have the more points.

In the first, each side have a bet five hundred thousand Baht so the total is 1 million Baht. Then, Two bowers want to increase money to eight hundred thousand Baht, each side is three hundred thousand Baht so the total is 1.6 million Baht, but this money still not enough to share so they add money to each side one million Baht. Now the total bet is 2 million Baht already because they have a good supporter. When this is their need, I as a organizer and promoter coordinated. We are ready to take all the bet to before the fight day and I save a deposit carefully.

"Chun" warns to watch 2 last fights

Mr.Chun Kiattipetch guarantees two last fights on LumPiNi GregGrai muay thai Champion. The bet of each fight is 2 Hundred thousand Baht. They are full of confidence muay thai fans can bet and warn them to watch new generation boxers. If they are smart, I will not take them to fight in a big fight.

LumPiNi GregGrai Champion on 8 March creates liveliness in boxing circle. After Mr.Chun Kiattipetch open all list fight thought Muay Siam who report to muay thai fans know continuously. Now, Bigchun warn muay thai fans that they should not come home after the big match finish because I want them to watch two last fights. Those are fights of Kunpan Kiattijarernchai muay thai training camp with Chameounkpetch Jidmeoungnon muay thai camp and other fight is Paleehadlek Krawparaorayong with Naleedet S.Suradet. The bet of each fight is 2 Hundred thousand Baht. They are new generation boxers in "Banponmeoungdee".

"I confirm two last fights will create a big bet because Kunpon is a top muay thai from Wig Mo Chit in Thailand and Chamoenkpetch is a good boxer. Although boxer in last fight is a 100 pounds weight but I can confirm they are good boxer. If they are not good, I will not take them to show in LumPiNi GregGrai Champion." Mr.Chun said.

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