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Recruiting for the Big Match @ 2013-03-09

"Bigsong" admits that it's good for everyone to cooperate with each other on Mahachai Onesongchai championship. The profit will donate to the multiple handicapped children at Baan Rachawadee Pakkred. Everything is now confirmed without any changes, and he also gives the award to any boxers who perform well in the fight.

The Onesongchai championship will be held on Thursday 21 February, 2013, some lists of the boxers from 5 camps are Singtongnoi Taelakul muay thai training camp versus Sakesun Kwanmeung, Pakorn Sakyotin versus Phetek Keityongyut muaythai camp , Sangmanee Tienpoh versus Insrikao Rachanon, Tanachai Sangtiennoi versus Witsanuporn Suji Bameekiew, Prajanchai Phetnumtong versus Dunk Pleonchit Chofah (Tienkao), Sangtiennoi versus Keawklao Kaewsunrit Camp, Peunkol Surat versus Ole Niwat's boxer, Phet Ekbangtrai versus Phetsiam Chitmeungnon, Sanchai Lak Song versus Gumarndoi Chitpakdee.

"Bigsong" Songchai Rattanasuban revealed about the progress of the battles that nothing will be changed, and there are 3 pairs of boxers fighting to protect their champion status. Moreover, in April 2013, there will be the fight between Lumnumpong and Chokpreecha Sakulcheur which this is the recent popular issue that people are talking about. All the fights on 21 February are very meaningful because if the boxers perform well on the stage, they will have a new fight with other fighters right away. For all the three types the championship, every boxer will be battled in the big match on April. So, do your best and never let the fans down!

Gumarntong is the One

Noi Meungnon said Phetsila Kietmoo 9 muay thai camp from Thailand is not better than Gumarntong Chitmeungnon muay thai camp, guaranteed the battle between them will be like fire because Gumarntong has prepared himself for the battle and the techniques are stronger and better.

Thang Piyarat Wachirarattanawong perfectly arranged the battle for The Phetpiya championship on Friday 22 February, 2013 at his full power. The main pair, again, is Pornsanae Monchai's boxer meets with Kwankao Ratpassadu Esan since last knockout by Pornsanae. This follows by Pornmongkol K.t Gym battles with Sakkayaparp Twin brothers' boxer. Phetsila Kietmoo 9 versus Gumarntong Chitmeungnon, Jele Romklao's boxer versus Baikarn Sangthep, and etc. Noi Meungnon revealed that finally Gumarntong has a chance to fight with Phetsila, and it must be very fun and exciting. He pointed out that both of them are equally great both techniques and skills. Before this battle happens, Gumarntong has won Jamesak Romklao's boxer, so he believed that the battle will be fantastic. "Don't think that Phetsila is better than Gumarntong because it's not! Gumarntong is good in boxing, he has passed a lot of fights including the cheating one. Fighting with Phetsila is somewhat perfectly match. Gumarntong has trained himself all the time. From my point of view, he is somehow better than Phetsila. I guarantee Gumarntong will not lose the fight" Noi said.

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