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Chadchainoi will checkmated @ 2013-01-28

Daeng Bangpo, a big muay thai camp Sitbenjama open his mind about Chadchainoi S.J. toipadriew cannot loss. If he loss, he will be eliminated immediately. On Saturday 5 November 5, this is an important fight for him in a Yib Wam Yib Rod boxing Tournament 1. Daeng Bangpo, a big muay thai camp in Thailand Sitbenjama open his mind though a Muay Siam reporter about his son preparedness, Chadchainoi S.J. toipadriew who have a fight at a Yib Wam Yib Rod boxing Tournament 1 in the second round with ET Petchsomnuk in Muay Thai war for new year on 5 January at Aomnoi. He prepared himself very well because this fight is important for him in a boxing Tournament after his loss in the first round with Panomrung W.sangprarai. If he loss in the second round on Saturday 5 January, he will be eliminated immediately. Everybody knows this fact so he can go to the next round by wining. If Chadchainoi is eliminated, muay thai fans would be very shocked because Chadchainoi is a famous muay thai boxer of muay thai tournament.

Aungmor invite muay thai fans to cheer Kaidam

After countdown a New Year's Eve 2555, Aungmor Krabeedang forereach to create workings in Dao Rung Chu Ja Reen War in the nest fight on Thursday 10 January 56. We want muay thai fans to cheer and support a promoter. The first round of Kaimukdam Eakbangsai and Sakmongkol Pinang 96 and Kaimukdam is adverse 2 pounds in this fight. I think muay thai fans will excite. A promoter from Thailand , Aungmor Chujarern is allowed to open Dao Rung Chu Ja Reen War for welcome New Year on 10 January at Rad Cha Dam Neun Stadium then, he will get a flight to take boxers fight in Japan. He announce fight list from Bundong Kamlangdee to muay thai fans though Muay Siam Daily by the following: the first round is Kaimukdam Eakbangsai muay thai triaining camp 119 pounds with Sakmongkol Pinang 121 pounds, the second round is Kaimukkaw (Watchara Gym) P. Thairungreungkamai meet Eakrit from Thonbury Bangkok University have a same weight 130 pounds, the third round is Kraipetch S.Chockchaikit 118 pounds meet Thanongsaklek Shuwattana 119 pounds. And the other fight is Julong Eakbangsai and Talayhod Tiger Muay Thai, Jumong Eakbangsai and Singto Parnsomboon, Neunlanlek Porjo meet Sakartit T.laju, Manatchai C.Rungrod meet Nongmai Lukbunmee, Runmai M.Tammachad meet Doungsompong S.Prasobchock, Praserdsak S.Prasobchock meet Chadpetch S.Punsawad, and the Western style boxing of Kwangtong meet Seko Sakai (Japanese boxer)

Watchara muay thai gym is not in Phuket . But there are many muay thai camps in Phuket , you can check at . Today Aungmor find the place to open muay thai camp in this city .
Chadchainoi change to train with S.J. toipadriew muay thai camp . Because he bore to train at Sitbenjama camp so he find many camps and S.J. toipadriew is more comfortable to train .
Because Aungmor have plan to take Kaimukdam to train in his muay thai camp in next few months. So he always give him to compete and he can watch his fighting.

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