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"Diesel lek" have better future and his teamwork of the muay thai camp accepted that it will be an honor to them @ 2012-12-26

Odd Donmeung and Phae Minburi had revealed his mind to the reporter that he would like to accept the great honor of Diesel lek to be considered to receive the prize of the Vice Outstanding Thai Muay thai boxer for Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand in this year after being considered on this 10th December 2012.

IMG_2176 (250x188)

Odd Donmeung or the big boss of Odd Donmeung muay thai trianing camp and Phae Minburi or the teamwork of Odd Donmeung boxing camp and Phetsiriyim had revealed their mind to the reporter of Muai Siam after knowing the public opinions of the committees to consider of the Outstanding Thai Muay thai boxer of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand on last 10th December A.D. 2012 at Nang Leang racecourse as the second number that it will be the honor for their boxing camp much that Diesel lek had received this great prize. Moreover, recently, their boxing camp has never gain such a great honor as this way before since they had set up this muay thai training camp. Now his muay thai camp is in Donmeung but he may be open the muay thai training camp in Phuket . Because he like Phuket . However it is not in soon .

Odd Donmeung said additionally that "Recently our muay thai boxers had been fought in the millionaire program to be the champion , but we haven't been considered to give the big prize of this institute before. Then, it will be our first time to have this honor since we setting up our muay thai training camp"

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