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"Ploywittaya" has waited for fighting with the good name of muay thai fighter @ 2012-11-18

Ploywittaya Phetsimuen is ready to fight with the good name of muay thai fighter after overcoming Tee US Sit Chakung for several scores at Suek Muai Witheethai recently. Thus, Wittaya Phetsimuen or the brother of Ploywittaya Phetsimuen has been certainly that in this hour Ploywittaya Phetsimeun can fight with every muay thai fighters. Then, the boxing fanclub must keep their eyes on Ploywittaya Phetsimeun to be the well-known one of all in the future.


In the last match, the teamwork of Suek Kertphet had welcomed Ploywittaya to fight with T US Sit Chakung which everyone think that Ploywittaya might have more disadvantages and have been defeated for T US Sit Chakung. On the other hand, he can overcame T US Sit Chakung for several scores because of his large size and fresh form. Then, he can overcome T US Sit Chakung with one time and it has been attracted the boxing fanclub throughout the country in that time to be interested in him much and follow his news. Besides, Wittaya Phetsimuen or the brother of Ploy Wittaya Phetsimuen has been proud of him as well as his form which can become the one of all good muay thai fighter followed by Yok Wittaya Phetsimuen. Thus, he is confident that in this time Ploy Wittaya Phetsimuen can overcome in every muay thai fighters and be ready to fight with any muay thai fighter. Besides, the teamwork can place the list of Ploy Wittaya Simeun in any program and couple muay thai fighter without being afraid of anyone.

The head of the team said that "In this hour Ploy Wittaya Simuen can overcome every muay thai fighter even Tee US Sit Chakung for the last match although he has worse talent than Tee US Sit Chakung. However, he can defeat Tee US Sit Chakung in one time. Therefore, I think that Ploy Wittaya Simeun can fight with any muay thai fighter absolutely because of his good shape and has good prone to overcome for every muay thai fighter as well"

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