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"New Wangchan” has been satisfied "Phao Lumphini” @ 2012-10-07


The muay thai master named Winit Tanchat has agreed that in the recent fight after Mr. New Wangchan Phakorn Pornsurin has faced with Mr. Luaknimit Singkhlongsei , it was hardly cope to fight. Similarly , on this 28th September there is the Suek Phet Suphaphan program television at Lumphini muay thai stadium to compete with Mr. Superbank M. Rattanabandit which is more harder to cope with. However,  we would like the muay thai fanclub to watch for the recent statistics to fight of New Wangchan for 7 fights without losing anyone for 5 times at Lumphini muay thai stadium and 2 times at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium. Then, he has certain that New Wangchan might have the lucky charm for the referee at Lumphini because it is the kind of muay thai to be diligent to fight all the times. Thus, for this fight he might fight as the recent times. 

The muay thai teacher named Winit Tanchat or the executives of Phakornpornsurin muay thai camp and Mr. S. kattika have opened their mind that after the boss named Buu Muengphet has brought New Wangchan or the spark light with new form who had won for the 7 fights to face with the more effective competitor or Mr. Superbank M. Rattanabandit who will be the master pair of Phetsuphapan television program to compete on this 28th September at Lumphini muay thai stadium , he has to thank for the boss named Buu much to push up New Wangchan to be the one advance boxer of all. Moreover, when it has passed to this position , it must be successful as one time. However, there is a half of all for him to prove himself to the muay thai fanclub and for the recent fight that he had faced to Luaknimit which is so hard to cope with because Superbank is the severe boxer in Suek One Thongchai television program and he is the good competence with various strategies differing to Luaknimit who has the strong kee. Thus , he has to practice harder ,but he doesn’t feel so worried because New Wangchan is the diligent boxer to fight and he has the lucky charm to the referee of Lumphini muay thai stadium. In addition to,  the referee of this muay thai stadium is more likely to love the muay thai fighter who is diligent to fight more than being still and protect himself. Then, for the recent competitions , he would like the muay thai fanclub to watch for his recent 7 fights for the Lumphini muay thai stadium as 5 fights and for the Rachadamnern muay thai stadium for 2 fights.


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