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Muay Thai Fighting Techniques – Lower Body Techniques

The use of lower body parts of knees and feet are as powerful as the use of upper body parts of hands and elbows in Muay Thai competitions. The knee strike is known as tee kao, while the foot kicking is called tae. In the foot kicking, the jabbing with the foot is termed as teep. The angled kick is tae chiang. This is used to hit the opponent in the ribs under the arm. This technique is believed to have come from martial arts of other countries but it is one of the most powerful weapons in Muay Thai fighting at present.
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However, the foot kicking should be practiced with care and executed properly. Otherwise, the attacker himself might get hurt when trying to attack with the foot. Hence, the practitioners of Muay Thai utilize the power of counter rotating their arms to increase the power of the angle kick in Muay Thai boxing. Other foot kicks, such as side kick, spinning back kick, and axe kick are also employed in Muay Thai boxing. The shin of an expert Muay Thai boxer is developed as a strong body part to block the roundhouse kicks of the opponents, compared to other forms of martial arts.

The knee strike is also executed in various methods like flying knee strike, horizontal knee strike, diagonal knee strike, straight knee kick, step-up knee strike, knee bomb, knee slap, and jumping knee. A study comparing the various types of kicks of different martial arts was conducted. The study included the spinning back kick of Taekwondo, the flying kick of kung fu, the side kick of karate, and the knee strike of Muay Thai. The findings of the study revealed that the knee strike of Muay Thai was the most powerful among all these strikes.

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